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Gay Chat Club - Gay Sex, Gays Web Cam Porn
  "Gay Chat Club" (rating: 2.5) category: Gay, Gay Webcams
Are you tired of searching the Net high and low for hot gay chat? Well, stop searching! You've just found the hottest gay chat online today!
Since I came out of the closet i've wanted to be tied up. I just can't bring myself to talk about this with any of my friends though. I finally met this guy online though and we started to chat and I revealed my fantasy. He said he would gladly indulge me. He told me that he would take each of my hands and tie them to a bedpost. He would leave my legs free for now so he could fuck me and put my legs up on his shoulder so it would spread my ass cheeks nice and wide for his cock. He would then make me spit on his cock to get it nice and wet so it would slide in my tight ass better. He would then put the head of his cock up against my asshole and apply enough pressure to pop the head of his dick into my ass. With gentle pressure he would push all 9 inches of his rock hard cock into my ass. When he finished fucking me and cumming all inside my tight ass he grabbed my legs and tied each one of them to the bedpost. I had an enormous hard on but he hadn't touched my cock yet. He put a blindfold on me and then took these leather straps and wound them tightly around my legs and my arms. He got to my cock and I could feel his breath on it. I thought he was going to suck on my cock but he didn't. He grabbed it and started wrapping that leather strap around it and my balls. When he had them all bound up he pulled on the end of the strap to put some pressure on them. It felt so fucking good I started cumming. Everytime he pulled tight on that strap I would cum. Finally I felt him above me and he straddled my face for me to lick his asshole. He was riding my face and tugging on that leash and I must have passed out because next thing I know I woke up untied but with dried cum all over my belly.

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