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Hollywood Men - Gay Sex, Men Celebrities Porn
  "Hollywood Men" (rating: 2.5) category: Gay, Men Celebrities
If you like gay studs, you'll like this site! It is filled with thousands upon thousands of hours of gay stud content, both on video and in photo too! Check it out for yourself today!
Hollywood is the place that dreams are made. It's a city full of beautiful people and even hotter studs. I love to jump in my classic convertible mustang on nice evenings and go cruising around the club district. I see some of the hottest men i've ever seen in my life. Sometimes you can tell by looking at them that there is no way in hell they would let you suck their cocks but every once in a while one of them will look at you and you just know he can be persuaded to play. I stopped after I saw one of these guys. He was a typical California boy. Blonde hair, great tan, white teeth and an excellent body were what caught my eye at first. When I got close though the enormous bulge in his pants kept my attention. I asked him if he wanted to go grab a beer and a burger and he said that his friends had taken off without him and he would love to hang out. We got to the restaurant and grabbed a booth in the back. Our food came and we were having a good conversation about life and work and all the other normal things people talk about. I suddenly slid out of my seat and under the table and in one quick motion undid his belt and unzipped his pants to free that enormous cock. I took the whole flaccid thing into my mouth in one motion. It tasted so fucking good. I heard him cough like he had choked on his burger but he didn't resist. When I saw his legs stiffening up I could tell he was hooked. I finished sucking him off until he filled my throat and mouth with cum and then we headed back to my house for a lot more fun. You really need to find yourself a Hollywood man.

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