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Shaved Sites
Shaved Lips - Fetish Sex, Shaved
  "Shaved Lips" (rating: 2.5) category: Fetish, Shaved
Do you like your girls shaven? We have so much content that it will make your cock pop to full attention and the best thing is, you'll find nothing hairy here!
I love sucking on pussy lips especially when they're nice and bald. I've tried sucking on hairy pussy lips but it either tickles my nose or I get hairs in my mouth and it just really turns me off. If I take a chick back to my place to fuck her and I see that she has a hairy pussy I decide to make a real game out of our foreplay. I undress her and take her to the shower and lead her into the shower and kneel in front of her. I touch my tongue very lightly to her clit and just when she thinks she's about to get her cunt sucked on I cover her pussy in shaving cream. Then I proceed to shave her pussy until there's no hair on it and it's as bald as the day she was born. I've actually had some slut's that cum while i'm shaving them. Most of them think that's how I get my rocks off and think i'm done with them but i've got news for them I haven't even started. After the shower I pick them up and put them on the bathroom counter and lean them back against the cold glass. This is where the fun begins because I kneel down and proceed to fuck their pussies with my rock hard tongue and suck their clit into my mouth until I can almost feel it touch the back of my throat. When I feel their bodies start to shudder with that familiar wave of orgasm I shove my rock hard cock into them as hard as I can and feel their cunt muscles grip my cock. I don't need hours of fucking at this point I just need to blow my load so I fuck as hard and fast as I can so I can cover their bellies with my hot sticky cum. The fucking usually only lasts about 10 minutes but i'm good with that because I got a mouth full of pussy and she got a belly full of cum.

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